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    Running gives him second family

    So, moving on from my first year in cross country last fall as a freshmen at Thomas Downey High School has been an amazing journey for me and I joined the track distance team in the spring and participated in the frosh/soph 800-meter events.


    Modesto kids want us to clean up our act

    These letters were written by eighth-grade students in the AVID program at Hanshaw Middle School. Their teacher is Cindi Karras.


    No two-tier pricing for our JCs

    Thank you for publishing "One price should fit all at state's JCs" (Our View, May 7) emphasizing the negative impacts of two-tier pricing for students. The two-tier pricing creates an unfair disadvantage for the students who can't get the regular course and will further worsen problems in the...


    How you think determines fate

    We wonder why there have been so many teen suicides lately. Many say that suicidal tendencies stem from a hard life. But what is considered a hard life? Is it being called horrible names? Is it being physically abused by family members or peers? Is it being picked on day by day by day for no good...


    Principal questions board, is fired

    I am a sophomore at Grace Davis High School, and I would like to bring a situation to the light. My principal is being fired for speaking her mind to the school board.


    We don't know what we're eating

    Let's get these facts straight: 70 percent of the food found in most grocery stores is genetically modified in some way or another. That's right, 70 percent. Most of the genetically modified food is not labeled.


    Robbers take tools, necklace

    I wanted to tell you what made me sad. In Denair, there was a robbery that took place at my dad's house. Two big guys broke into my dad's girlfriend's car. They stole important things to us. For example: They stole my dad's bag of tools, so now he can't put me and my sister's bed together, so all...


    Girls, develop intellect, self-esteem

    Girls need to stop complaining about their physical appearances. Low self-esteem is just a hindrance in life.


    Turning 18? Register to vote

    As many seniors are graduating from high school, teachers are encouraging us to vote.


    Reality TV stars' salaries unreal

    The country's unemployment rate is at 8.1 percent and about one out of every six Americans receives government assistance, whether it be food stamps, welfare, etc. Meanwhile, meaningless reality stars, like the cast from "Jersey Shore," will earn $100,000 per episode in their upcoming Season 4.

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