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    Philly designer Ikire Jones is adding Africa to the conversation

    Inside his sunlit apartment studio space, Sam Hubler, menswear company Ikire Jones' sole tailor, spends hours on boldly printed jackets. The brand, founded by Wale Oyejide, has a clear mission to offer unique, handcrafted jackets for every type of man. Naima, Oyejide's 20-month-old daughter, is ...


    Shorts are a hot, but beware wrong style, length

    Shorts are an essential part of every hot-weather wardrobe and practically every woman can find a pair that suits her style. Right now shorts with polka dots and floral patterns made with light colors and materials are in fashion, according to style consultant Katharina Starlay.


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    Pat Clark column

    The Bee's Pat Clark takes a unique view at the often wacky world of entertainment.


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    Color guru confirms it: Yellow is the hue of the season

    David Bromstad went from struggling artist with a thing for color to TV design star.


    Clothes shopping? Think fit, not size

    Q: I just don't get it. With a size range from 0-to-30-plus to choose from, why do so many women choose a size (or more) too small? Don't they realize they'd look much better in clothes that fit right?


    A new McQ in town

    It's been more than a year since designer Isaac Mizrahi opted to part ways with Target after a five-year collaboration with the discount retailer that, according to some reports, netted as much as $300 million a year in sales.