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    Chris Erskine: Dear Schools, Let the kids have August

    We test them almost to death, we make them play sports till their arms fall off and their knees implode. Now we're taking away our children's summers. Do we not like them anymore?


    Living with Children: Is 5-year-old touching normal or serious?

    Q: Our 5-year-old grandson sees his 5-year-old female first cousin from time to time. After they play for a while, he tells her he wants to "touch" her. This has happened twice in recent months. Her parents are very upset, but our grandson's parents read lots of parenting books and seem to think...


    Sharon Randall: Sisters recall Terry the monkey and other family lore

    My sister and I don't see each other often. She lives in South Carolina, in a town where we grew up in a big, crazy family, not much crazier than most.


    Ana Veciana-Suarez: 'Helpings of sarcasm' not very appetizing

    A friend of a friend returned from vacation, gushing about a place she and her husband had gone out of their way to visit. She rated the experience as one of the highlights of their trip, but, for the life of me, I can't figure out why.


    Ask Mr. Dad: What price when Dad gets on the Mommy Track?

    Dear Mr. Dad: My wife is due with our first in about four months, so I though now would be a good time to talk to my employer about taking time off under the Family Leave Act and possibly making some more permanent changes to my schedule so I can be a more hands-on dad. I mentioned this to a friend...


    Ex-etiquette: Partner edges out Dad's time with kids

    Q: My new partner loves my children, but has a real problem with my ex. He doesn't approve of his parenting and looks for excuses for the kids to not see their father. My ex is a little inconsistent, but not that bad, and my boyfriend's attitude is really concerning me. I love him and looking forward...


    Show of hands, are you ready for school?

    School's about to start back. And it's always good to go down the checklist of things to do to get ready for that first week. The more prep you've done, the better the year is sure to go, so I always jump on it early ...


    Child Sense: Teaching that words can hurt, helps

    We all say things that can be misunderstood. Children are still learning to navigate the social matrix of expression and often they comment rudely on something they shouldn't. If what they have said is not untrue just inappropriate; or something taboo and not to be commented on, this can be hard...


    Nameberry: State your state favorites

    When it comes to picking a place name for your child, you could consider a continent like Asia, a country like India, a city like Vienna or Verona ... or one of the select group of U.S. states that lend themselves to babies' birth certificates. Here are the Nameberry picks of the best state names...


    Family Meals Matter: Zucchini

    Did you get caught by National Sneak a Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day? Look it up, it's a real holiday celebrated this year on August 8. Whether you got "blessed" with your neighbor's bounty or you're trying to use up the zucchini from your own garden, you're in luck.

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