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ALIEN: COVENANT. 2 stars. Katherine Waterston and Billy Crudup head up the latest Alien spacecraft to run into an invasive creature that wreaks havoc on their journey. Same-old, same-old. Too much back story. Enough already. 2 hrs. 2 R (violence, gore) – Gary Thompson

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Movie review: 'Pirates' franchise should abandon ship

Yes, this movie – No. 5 in an increasingly leadfooted series – actually exists. And, in its early moments, there was actually hope that "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" might be kind of fun, when some randomly uniformed nautical character gazed at an oncoming pirate ship and yelled, in plummy tones, "OPEN BAR!" But hope faded, after two glorious seconds, when I realized he'd said "OPEN FIRE!" and, well, two hours of wave-tossing and frantic people-chasing and pratfalls and murky CGI ensued. Oh, and Johnny Depp was there as Captain Jack Sparrow, giving a performance that was weirdly like watching an amateur actor trying very hard to imitate Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, which was both fascinating and very, very dull.


Pick-your-own blueberries near Modesto

Customers picked their own blueberries near Modesto, Calif., on Thursday, May 25, 2017. (John Holland/
Pick-your-own blueberries near Modesto 0:59

Pick-your-own blueberries near Modesto

Duplex fire in West Modesto 0:25

Duplex fire in West Modesto

Escalon tops Mariposa to win the D5 softball title 1:41

Escalon tops Mariposa to win the D5 softball title

Community service officer laid to rest 2:09

Community service officer laid to rest