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North Korean ex-POWs hope to return home before they die

After the Korean War ended in 1953, Kim Myeong Bok and 75 other North Korean prisoners of war detained in South Korea opted to live abroad rather than risk hostile welcomes in either half of their homeland. Now he wants to come home, though he may find little more than rejection and suspicion.

Movie News & Reviews

Movie review: In 'Dark Star,' indelible designs are dully presented

Ridley Scott's "Alien" would not be Ridley Scott's "Alien" without H.R. Giger. The Swiss artist's Oscar-winning designs for the morphing mother of a monster who stalks Sigourney Weaver and her Nostromo crew in the 1979 sci-fi masterwork are indelible: an oozing, predatory nightmare, made of skeleton and sinew, all teeth and vertebrae, with phallic protrusions and vaginal mouths. Yes, plural, one projecting from inside the other.

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