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Box Office Top 20: 'The Hunger Games' rules again

Audiences had a number of new movie-going options over the Thanksgiving weekend, including "The Good Dinosaur" and "Creed," but it was "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2" that held on to the top spot for the second weekend in a row.

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Dinosaurs, turkeys and a 'Rocky' spinoff: What movies hit or didn't hit over the Thanksgiving weekend?

Thanksgiving weekend is a strong one for moviegoing-between the spate of studio releases and the post-turkey fleeing from homes and families, multiplexes tend to be filled. Of course, the glut of films-from Pixar to "Peanuts" to "Spotlight" to Rocky Balboa-means not every studio is equally satisfied; for every strong opening or hold there was a new release this weekend that came up short.

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Movie review: 'The Good Dinosaur' will entrance kids and parents alike

Parents need to know that "The Good Dinosaur" - Pixar's lush animated prehistoric saga that successfully melds "Finding Nemo" and "E.T." - has stunning visuals, clever humor, strong messages, and some scenes of violence and peril that could certainly frighten younger/more sensitive viewers. (Spoiler alert!) Apatosaurus Arlo is separated from his family after a flash flood that claims his father (a series of events that could definitely upset kids); plus, carnivorous, sharp-toothed beasts attack Arlo and his human friend, Spot; thunderstorms bring massive explosions of deadly water; and the heroes barely survive a dangerous ride down a waterfall. And the settings all look very real. There's also a scene in which Arlo and Spot scarf down fermented berries, appear to get a little drunk, and then wake up "hung over."

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Movie review: 'Carol' is a story of the power of love

Therese (Rooney Mara) is a quiet young woman who has landed a job in the toy section of an upscale Manhattan department store for the holidays. Carol (Cate Blanchett) is a wealthy older woman who is shopping for a Christmas present for her daughter. Their eyes lock across the bustling crowd of shoppers - the sort of moment you've seen a million times before in movies. But the small hairs on your neck tingle anyway and you smile with recognition, regardless of whether you've ever experienced that most peculiar sensation of love at first sight.


Sinatra's birthplace commemorates his 100th its way

Chicago was his kind of town, L.A. was his lady and he certainly was a big part of New York, New York. But despite a love-hate relationship, the mile-square New Jersey city where Frank Sinatra was born is finding the centennial of his birth to be a very good year.

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