Pat Clark

April 2, 2014

Pat Clark: Post-mortem on “The Good Wife” shocker

The aftermath of Will Gardner’s shocking death on “The Good Wife” proved to be as fabulous an episode as fans have come to expect from this show.

The aftermath of Will Gardner’s shocking death on “The Good Wife” proved to be as fabulous an episode as fans have come to expect from this show.

Of course, I’m still flaming angry that Will is dead – again, writers, couldn’t you have just had him leave town rather than kill the guy, in case actor Josh Charles decided to come back?

Sunday night’s episode played out as touchingly and intensely as it could on this lawyer drama that really was a love story – until last Sunday (urg!). Will’s star-crossed love, Alicia Florick, found out about his death, then discovered she had a missed call from him earlier in the day. The message began “Alicia,” then he was interrupted and said he’d call her back.

He never did, of course.

Alicia spent the rest of the episode trying to find out why he was calling her. After all, things were beyond tense between them after Alicia left his firm to branch out on her own, stealing clients and making Will about as angry as we’d ever seen him.

But they also seemed to be defrosting the cold war between them.

So, was he calling to tell her he forgave her, that he appreciated her recent tip that helped him out, to profess his love or to give her another piece of his mind because she’d just poached another client?

She doesn’t know. We don’t know. And it’s fitting for this drama to leave it that way.

Other characters reacted in ways we’d also expect – except maybe cold-as-ice attorney David Lee, who had to leave the crowded room when Will’s death was announced to the partners and had what, for him apparently, was a good cry.

Of course, Lee was back to his old self, saving business and money by immediately doing damage control with Will’s clients.

A lot of Internet buzz had fans vowing to never watch again. My guess is that, like me, they watched Sunday to find out how Will’s death would play out among the other characters. And, like me, they’ll probably finish out the season because that aftermath likely will complete the season’s arc.

But what about next season? Without the love story central to the show, will we return? A lot of us who watch this show were awaiting the big payoff – when Alicia finally stopped being “The Good Wife,” ditched her husband and got back together with Will.

There’s never going to be that payoff, now. Writers have their work cut out for them replacing it with something else.

So, there I was, enjoying the heck out of last week’s episode of the new sitcom “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” It’s my favorite new comedy from the current season, won a Golden Globe in January, and who doesn’t love them some Andy Samberg, right?

Apparently, my husband. When the episode was over, he looked at me and said rather dryly, “I didn’t laugh once during that entire show.”

Gee. He’s usually got such a good sense of humor, too. But sometimes couples just don’t click when it comes to their TV viewing habits. He, for instance, loves “Parenthood.” “Parenthood” makes me gag.

He’s totally into the new show “Believe” and I’m kind of just lumbering in and out of it, sometimes watching, but not really following the whole supernatural intrigue thing.

And then there’s baseball season. Now that it’s started, it’s going to be a long haul for this TV addict until October. Do you have any idea how many games go into extra innings when there are perfectly wonderful shows waiting on the DVR to get their chance to be watched?

A long, long, almost nightly haul.

I will say this, though: My husband does suffer through a lot of my cooking competition shows, understanding that it’s a habit that just won’t go away. If shows like “Top Chef” or “Chopped” or any of the other numerous similar ones that I can’t get enough of fell off the TV grid forever, he wouldn’t miss them one iota. Yet he sits through them when he must.

Which is a lot nicer than I am when it comes to “Parenthood.” I just leave the room. To be honest, it doesn’t really make sense that I can’t stand that show. I generally enjoy your average smarmy drama. And I actually like a lot of the actors who star in it. It’s just that all the characters are so doggone whiny.

Remember when everyone bemoaned “Thirtysomething” in the 1980s because they felt that show’s characters were a bunch of overly whiny adults? I loved those whiny adults and everything else about that show. But the overly whiny adults on “Parenthood”? Can’t take them for a minute.

In fact, I’d much rather sit through a 15-inning baseball game between two teams that I have no interest in than watch “Parenthood.”

Did I mention it’s going to be a long haul until October?

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