Pat Clark

November 26, 2013

Pat Clark: Adjustment needed on musical waves of the future

I’ve had the occasion of late to regularly visit one of Modesto’s retirement centers. It’s a lovely place with lovely people and lovely caretakers.

I’ve had the occasion of late to regularly visit one of Modesto’s retirement centers. It’s a lovely place with lovely people and lovely caretakers.

In fact, it’s the kind of place that I can see myself feeling happy and safe in come a few decades down the road. If I do see the future, it looks good. And pretty darned pampered, I have to say.

But that future will need at least one adjustment that I’ve noticed. I’d say minor adjustment, but given its nature – and the fact that if there’s a mountain to be made of a molehill, I’m your gal – we’ll nix the quantifier.

At this center, they pipe your basic Musack into the lobby and halls. Normal that; no problem there. Also normal is the fact that the music, as far as I can tell, is made up mostly of big band era-type tunes.

Seems appropriate, given the current clientele, right?

And yet – because this is where my head tends to go – it has occurred to me on more than one of my frequent visits that there’s a change a-coming. Let’s hope the folks who run the place in the future realize it.

The change isn’t needed for a while. Maybe 10 to 15 years or so. But the baby boomers who will be taking over those retirement center apartments are not going to be happy with big band music ringing in their ears as they make their way through their new homes.

Oh, heck no.

The next generation was brought up with a decidedly different musical bent from their parents.

At some point, Nat King Cole, Sinatra and the like are going to have to give way to Elvis, some Beatles, a little Petulia Clark, maybe.

By the time my generation gets there a bit further down the road, I fully expect classic rock from the 1970s and up to greet us when we hit the halls – Eagles, Tom Petty, the Stones and, that’s right, U2.

There better be a little “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” piped in, people.

In fact, it wouldn’t be out of the realm to expect some Nirvana and Pearl Jam ringing out through the lobby, too.

Not via Musack, either. We’re going to need the real deal. Whatever technology’s Pandora of the future holds, please.

If those changes don’t come, I fully intend to be one of those seniors who rap on the door of the center’s director with my cane and give him or her a piece of what’s left of my mind.

I’m guessing the music currently being enjoyed by the residents has been the appropriate sound fodder for some time. It’s going to be quite the transition when that transition comes. But, like everything, there is a season.

(Yes, the Byrds will be among the first of the new musical guard.)

And then there’s the current state of the computer situation in that same retirement center. They have a computer room for residents who want to go online. But wireless in the individual apartments, not so much.

Yeah, that’s going to have to change, too.

A valiant effort

The race is over for the latest ex-Modestan who’s tried her hand at reality/competition TV.

Ally Mello and her partner, fellow LA Kings Ice Crew member Ashley Covert, came in last on Sunday’s edition of “The Amazing Race.”

The pity of it all was that the duo started out the episode extremely well – out the gate early and in front. Alas, they were confused over details of their first challenge in Indonesia, which set them back and then snowballed.

Mello made it to the top five, which she and Covert said was their goal going in, so you have be happy for the pair, dubbed the “ice queens” because of their jobs.

Not ‘Scandalized’

Are you totally entranced by “Scandal,” the latest from Shonda (“Grey’s Anatomy”) Rhimes and all the rage, apparently, among a certain sector of TV viewers?

I started watching it somewhere around midseason last year – had to see what everyone was talking about, after all. But when I tried to get back into it this fall season, I quickly got “Scandal” fatigue and gave up on it. Right now, and unlike a bunch of other rabid TV watchers, I have no idea what’s happening with Olivia, Fitz or anyone else on the show.

Yet, it’s so popular that recaps run on the wires along with stories about the show’s rampant fanbase.

Out of the loop on this one. But at least I tried.

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