Marijke Rowland

June 10, 2013

TURLOCK NOW: TID gets tough on thieves

TID imposes hefty fines on water thieves.

The Turlock Irrigation District is getting tough on water theft.

TID’s nearly 20-year-old unauthorized water use policy was updated last week to instate heftier fines and increased security.

First-time water thieves now face a $1,000 fine and a three times higher water rate if caught. Unauthorized use will also restrict the amount of water that will be available to the offender during the irrigation season. A second offense could cut the user off from all water use for the remainder of the season.

To help catch thieves, a water theft hotline has been established which goes live today. People can call (209) 883-3440 to report any unauthorized use. Callers may remain anonymous. Patrols will also be stepped up to increase overall surveillance.

So don’t steal water or you’ll face dry fields and drier bank accounts

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