Modesto farmers market opens Thursday

The Modesto Certified Farmers Market will launch its 37th year Thursday with cool-season crops and other food and fun. The market will run Thursdays and Saturdays on a closed-off block of 16th Street.

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County CEO says prevention effort isn’t New Age

Consultant John Ott‘s cerebral writing on organizational learning might not appeal to every plainspoken conservative in Stanislaus County. But county officials said it should not be confused with New Age spirituality. Rather, Ott is especially skilled at getting diverse groups to cooperate and find meaningful solutions, officials said.

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Kevin Valine

City committees by other names? Not so sweet

The City Council adopted Modesto’s latest strategic plan this week. The plan covers important issues, but offers unintentional comedic relief in renaming three of the council’s four subcommittees. The new names are vague, a mouthful to say, and raise the wrong kinds of questions for the city.


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