GameStop confirms buyout talks in wake of struggles and a data breach

GameStop confirmed Tuesday that it's in talks with third parties for a potential buyout as the video game retailer struggles to compete with digital game sales and online retailers. Private equity firm Sycamore Partners and others have been reported as interested in purchasing the company.

Inside the Trump-Kim summit: What it really means

Clearly, the Trump-Kim nuclear-weapons summit had all the elements to make it historic, must-see TV. What is unknown, despite the blizzard of post-summit coverage, criticism and speculation, is exactly what the event might actually mean, if anything.

California State Senator: 'We don't have a problem with law enforcement, we got a problem with racism'

Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday advanced a proposal that would restrict the circumstances under which California police officers could use deadly force. Senator Steven Bradley gives his views on the bill he is co-authoring,