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Jeff Jardine

Halted artifacts auction reminds us Japanese Americans were mistreated in Valley, too

When an auction house in New Jersey planned to put up for bid a collection of artifacts from Japanese Americans who were in internment camps during World War II, Japanese Americans protested to halt the sale. The issue was of particular interest here in the Valley, where thousands of Japanese Americans were evicted from their homes and sent to camps throughout the Western states until the war ended.


Modesto to help homeowners audit their water use

As Modesto faces further reductions in how much water it uses, the city wants to help residents learn how they can do their part. It is starting a pilot program in which the city’s water conservation specialist will conduct water audits for the tens of thousands of single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes that use city water. It’s a voluntary program, and residents will have to request an audit.

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