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Kevin Valine

Lots of room for growth in Modesto

The City Council’s Economic Development Committee will review on Monday how much land Modesto has for homes, stores and industry. The short answer: an awful lot. The city’s urban growth review identifies 1,680 acres within the city for development.

Marijke Rowland

All-female ‘Ghostbusters’ remake? Bring it on

A new all-female cast for the remake of “Ghostbusters” has made big news. Which is great. But wouldn’t it be nice if it was a little less big? We make up 51 percent of the population yet somehow, to Hollywood, we remain a riddle wrapped in an enigma shoved into a chick flick. Women seem to be a constant mystery for Hollywood’s biggest filmmakers.

Jeff Jardine

Snuffing out a bad habit by quitting smoking

When a man at a gas station said he’d smoked his last cigarette because of the price, his tone seemed to infer that he thought he was punishing the store clerk and the tobacco industry. But he isn’t punishing the clerk, the station’s owner or Big Tobacco. He’s only helping himself.

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