Changes, errors in benefits can leave veterans in bind

Once called the best-kept secret of veterans benefits, “aid and attendance” has become an important resource for older veterans needing long-term care or help with daily functions. Some local veterans or surviving spouses have been stunned, however, when the Department of Veterans Affairs has ordered them to repay thousands in “overpaid” aid and attendance benefits or benefits approved in error.

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Empire Head Start families get fresh, free food

Kids dug into baskets of celery and green onions. Moms picked among bright red tomatoes, brown spuds, oranges, carrots, lettuce and radishes. The fresh, free food went quickly at Tuesday’s kickoff event for a school garden at Empire Head Startl. Inter-Faith Ministries said Empire will get monthly food giveaways.


Flight academy simulator takes officials for a ride

A multimillion-dollar flight simulator at Sierra Flight Academy gave Merced County Supervisor Daron McDaniel the flight of his life. McDaniel joined Atwater Councilman Brian Raymond on Tuesday for a ride inside the Boeing 737 simulator at Castle Commerce Center.

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Kevin Valine

City committees by other names? Not so sweet

The City Council adopted Modesto’s latest strategic plan this week. The plan covers important issues, but it’s pretty dry. However, it does offer unintentional comedic relief regarding the part of the plan that renames three of the council’s four subcommittees. The new names are vague, a mouthful to say, and raise the wrong kinds of questions for the city.

Nan Austin

Turlock university burnishes its right-brain credentials

A new writing initiative from California State University, Stanislaus, aims to turn the page on the science and math story, adding an underline and an exclamation point to liberal arts training. The idea is to better communicate all those deep thoughts and lofty ideals of the reflective, creative majors, giving grads greater leadership potential that will shine on their alma mater.

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