Jane Gibson: Watch those tax bills!

July 12, 2014 

Regarding “Assessments of homes, land jump 11.5% for Stanislaus” (Page A1, July 1): Property owners beware, the assessor has declared that property taxes will be raised.

Remember Proposition 13, and that your base can only be raised 2 percent unless there is a change of ownership, completion of new construction or additions. Watch when you get your new tax bill that they only raised it according to Proposition 13.

Jane Gibson, Riverbank

Editor’s note: According to the assessor’s office, the maximum 2 percent increase applies only to houses assessed under Proposition 13. Property taxes are based on the lower of two assessments. The Proposition 13 value of a house rises roughly 2 percent per year; the Proposition 8 assessment is based on market value. If market value is low one year, then rises sharply above the Proposition 13 value, the home will get the lower Proposition 13 assessment, which can reflect an increase of more than 2 percent.

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