W.E. Rash: GOP answer to everything: Benghazi

June 23, 2014 

The mentality of a Republican: Benghazi; Tea Party; Benghazi; weapons of mass destruction; Benghazi; waterboarding; Benghazi; 4,500 troops killed; Benghazi; 190,000 killed or displaced Iraqis; Benghazi; stopping unemployment checks; Benghazi; lower tax rates for the rich; Benghazi; less voting access for the poor, blacks and Latinos; Benghazi; no help for the middle class; Benghazi; keep minimum wage low; Benghazi; vote against Obamacare; Benghazi; disrespect toward the president; Benghazi; cut Social Security; Benghazi; stop Medicare; Benghazi.

W.E. Rash, Modesto

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