Herold Peterson: Obama’s Bergdahl decision flawed

June 23, 2014 

I was watching “Face the Nation” recently. The show reported Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was captured. He was not captured. He voluntarily left his unit to seek out the enemy. That is being a traitor. Then on the program it said we were obligated to rescue him. Do we owe anything to a traitor? I think not. I was in the military, so I know the worst thing a soldier can do is defect to the enemy and voluntarily join them. Therefore, we don’t owe Sgt. Bergdahl anything but a court-martial.

If President Obama had ever served in the military he would have known desertion is a serious crime. Now don’t call me a racist for criticizing the president. Anyone in his right mind would not trade a deserter for five of the highest-ranking terrorists. This terrible decision will come back to bite us. Such an important decision was made without consulting Congress. In effect, he made a dictatorial decision that we cannot accept.

Herold Peterson, Oakdale

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