Lori Martin: You don’t have ‘right’ to drive drunk

June 23, 2014 

America’s freedoms do not include allowing people to drive drunk. Ironically, driving drunk is one of our country’s deadliest problems. A drunken driver hit me head-on in April 1992, when I was 16. My active life ended. The collision put me in a coma with paralysis, and I had multiple broken and dislocated bones.

I spent a month at a hospital in Stockton then six months at a rehabilitation hospital in San Ramon. Therapy followed at San Jose and Tracy for 17 months.

My injuries challenge me daily. My hearing capability is damaged. I do not walk like a Hollywood star or talk like a news reporter. But that will not stop me.

The members of law enforcement and I are determined to create safer roads. Our constant work about teaching people to drive sober will not end.

I urge people attending a gathering to choose a designated driver before drinking starts.

The frequent DUI checkpoints show the commitment of Modesto police to bringing safety to the roads and encourage drivers to heed my words.

Lori Martin, Tracy

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