Micah Rapier: GOP in need of good people

June 21, 2014 

I was once asked by a party leader (Re: CRLF), “Why would we tell on ourselves?”

Since then, members of the RPSC have ostracized anyone opposed to their plan of being stooges for the local officeholders. Marty Miknus has been removed for daring to question Jeff Denham. Other members have been or will be removed and replaced with Denhamites. .

The party needs people who will do right, even in the face of adversity. Not people who smile and talk about friendship and barbecues, and then unleash vitriolic tirades aimed at 65-year-old ladies. Although, this behavior is fitting for those that support Denham, seeing as he got mad and yelled at this same lady for (correctly) questioning his vote on taxes. Doing right sometimes means losing friends.

If one knows the right thing to do, and does it not, he has done wrong. Mr. Jim DeMartini, this is why we should tell on ourselves.

Micah Rapier, Modesto

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