Alan Seliger: Water crisis requires real action

June 21, 2014 

Our “impartial” water advisory committee came up with an action plan that, with a wink, was approved by our county supervisors on a 5-0 vote.

It was obvious from the beginning that this committee was dominated by agricultural interests. And is it a coincidence that two of our county supervisors are full-time farmers and one supervisor is a part-timer farmer?

When one reads about the recommendations the committee made, it is obvious weeks and weeks of meetings did not come up with much to deal with our current water crisis.

And it is laughable that the committee chairman is the director for the Stanislaus County Farm Bureau; that’s like letting the fox guard the henhouse!

The groundwater in Stanislaus County belongs to everyone and its future use should not be tilted toward special interests.

Since all cities in our county have water meters, why not put a meter on every domestic, commercial and agricultural well so that water usage could be monitored and controlled if necessary to preserve a precious and dwindling commodity?

Can we all sit on our hands and pretend the water crisis will go away, or can we come up with a real water crisis plan before it is too late?

Alan Seliger, Turlock

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