Brooks Judd: America needs to take care of America

June 18, 2014 

It is time for our government to take a deep breath, do a bit of reflecting and look at what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The United States cannot make these countries into what we would like them to be. It is over. It is time to pull the plug and take a long hard look into the mirror.

The United States has given its sons and daughters and spent billions of dollars on these two wars. This money can be much better spent taking care of our veterans, our elderly, our mentally ill, and all those Americans who have fallen into the cracks and justifiably need a helping hand.

In short, why not take care of our country – a country that is bleeding, hurting internally, politically bankrupt – and use this money to shape the United States into what it was meant to be?

There was a time when the American dream was real and attainable. It is still possible.

When the United States is able to fix these internal problems, it can begin thinking about sending troops overseas.

Brooks Judd, Turlock

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