Damon C. Woods: Millennials deserve no apologies

June 14, 2014 

Regarding “Dear millennials, we’re so sorry” (Opinions, June 10): The “opinion” written by Frank Bruni is a myopic approach to fixing the federal budget on the backs of all the retired hard-working Americans.

Social Security was created as a fund, that we have all paid into – most of us for 45-plus years. The federal government under LBJ chose to take that fund and blend it into the federal budget to help pay for the Vietnam War back in 1967.

Over the past 45 years, government workers have enjoyed hefty salary increases, bonuses and perks while services have declined – now, Mr. Bruni wants the retirees to cough up all they have contributed to cover the deficit and give it to the millennials (of which he really seems to be a Gen X or Y.)

I think an overhaul of the entire government budget would be a better option.

Damon C. Woods, Oakdale

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