Kevin Wilson: Enforcement is real threat to Graffiti

June 14, 2014 

Regarding: “Will Graffiti Weekend survive march of time?” (Opinions, June 7): Unfortunately I don’t think it will survive either, Claudia (Newcorn).

Only I disagree with you on one point. It won’t be because of the lack of “silver tops,” as you so eloquently put it, as the younger generation proves an interest in it that obviously keeps getting stronger every year.

The real reason it won’t survive is because of poor management by the city of Modesto. They love to promote the event and the so-called cruising culture of Modesto but when it becomes a nuisance, they let Modesto’s finest take over and turn it into a police state, barking on bull horns, dispersing the gathered crowds, sending everyone home. Because, after all, they already have everyone’s money at that point.

If there is nowhere to gather “round an engine trying to figure out how to repair something as a rite of summer passage,” it will surely die. Maybe Modesto needs to send all there officers to Reno for Hot August nights so they can be retrained on how to handle an event such as Graffiti.

Or maybe Modesto shouldn’t start something it is not willing to finish.

Kevin Wilson, Turlock

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