Larry Dorman: McHenry Museum needs volunteers

June 13, 2014 

Craig Boyer’s column “Love and feel fulfilled in your work; be a volunteer” (Opinions, May 31) recommending volunteering was well-done.

As a retiree, I have appreciated the incentive my volunteering as a docent at the McHenry Museum provides me to continue the reading and study which have been my life, as teacher and bookseller.

I have met many colleagues with historical interests and family stories. I encounter displays of artifacts from everyday life, local art and technology.

Boyer’s column was also a welcome reminder because at the McHenry Museum we too are always in need of docents to assist visitors, answer questions, and to give school tours.

Our century-old museum (formerly the city library) is one of the most beautiful local museums in the country.

The flexible hours are not onerous – four hours a month plus five Docent Association meetings per year. Our website is at

If you’re like me, retirement can be a mixed blessing. I need to believe that my activities in some way still matter and are still useful for others.

Alexis de Toqueville noted in his classic 1835 book “Democracy in America,” a volunteer association “is a powerful and enlightened member of the community.” It is more true now than ever.

Larry Dorman, president, McHenry Museum Docent Association, Modesto

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