Roger Schmidt: Obama’s ‘blunders’ pile up

June 10, 2014 

Regarding “Bergdahl’s return a victory, but not quite a celebration” (Opinions, June 6): It amazes me the ignorance The Modesto Bee has and their opinions.

This whole article is how bad this has worked out and they still say that there was nothing wrong with what Obama did. Well, he again broke the law by not letting Congress know 30 days in advance. He already has veterans upset with the VA scandal, now he trades five terrorists for one deserting soldier. This would be like trading five first-round draft picks for a seventh-round pick. (Stupid.)

His platoon said they waited to call out DUST 1 until they went looking for him and the townspeople said he was looking to talk to the Taliban. Then Susan Rice comes out on June 1 and said that Bergdahl served honorably? Is serving honorably losing six more soldiers looking for him?

It is obvious Obama is not very competent and his blunders keep piling up and the liberal media like McClatchy will spin the truth even if it means destroying our country. Shame on you, Modesto Bee.

Roger Schmidt, Turlock

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