Jane Hardin: We must amend the Constitution to save elections

June 7, 2014 

The single most destructive court ruling to democracy has been Citizens United. This Supreme Court ruling opened the floodgates to massive infusions of corporate dark money used to influence outcomes of political campaigns. The ruling thwarts disclosure rules so political nonprofits don’t have to publish the names of their donors.

Leading the charge are David and Charles Koch, who pump money into groups such as Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Partners and the National Right to Work Committee. Since the 1980s their agenda has been to slash Medicare, dismantle Social Security, eliminate the minimum wage, crush unions, and oppose any and all banking reforms. They support tax cuts for big oil and the wealthy. They are anti-environment and fund groups that deny scientific evidence of global warming. The Citizens United court ruling allows them to pump massive amounts of money into local, state, and federal campaigns through nonprofits.

These billionaires spent $400 million just in 2012 and just on Americans for Prosperity. They have pledged $125 million to influence 2014 House and Senate races. No wonder people don’t vote! The only way to stop the insanity of vote-buying is to support the fledgling campaign to pass a 24th amendment to limit campaign financing.

Jane Hardin, Modesto

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