Charles Morrison: Atheists are behind so-called climate science

June 7, 2014 

The issue of global warming really is a question of both faith and science. Every scientist who signs off on it is a Darwinist-materialist, and usually an agnostic-atheist to boot. Most of them believe that since they are smarter than the rest of us, they should have a powerful influence over the rules. Billions of dollars in research monies are at stake, and since they have no fear of hell, they absolutely will bully and coerce their peers to get on board the gravy train to universal, global taxation because they’ve been promised a nice fat chunk if they do.

Many embrace eugenics as well, and will admit to a belief that all is fair when it comes to shrinking the surplus population in order to “save” the planet. If you firmly believe that when you die, you’re dead, then of course you will see yourself surrounded by useless eaters. And what better way to increase the death rate than to decrease the use of electric power, and all that goes with it, such as life-saving technology. There will be rolling blackouts – believe it.

Scientifically, there are a couple of things that are never addressed by the mainstream media. One: NASA infrared studies show that every planet in the solar system is warmer. Clearly climate change must be driven by the sun in large part. Two: All the effort to reduce carbon emissions in air pollution, including new technologies for industry, power generation, and automobiles, was all wasted because just one of the volcanic eruptions we’ve had in the last few years replaced all the carbon we removed. Humans causing global warming is like a cow passing gas inside the Superdome and causing the A/C to fail.

Charles Morrison, Modesto

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