William Thomas Jensen: It’s a shame so few actually voted

June 5, 2014 

It is election night, around 10:10 p.m., and I am shocked to learn how few people bothered to vote. It appears only 12.79 percent of eligible voters decided the direction of our political world.

I am thankful that those who voted were smart enough to retain Dick Monteith as supervisor. His superior experience, education and consistent leadership will serve the citizens of Stanislaus County well.

The pervasive influence of special interest groups is losing its control over our voters. We need to be constantly focused on improving the lives of our residents, and have independent minded elected officials making decisions who will support this goal.

Let’s get back to people like Bruce Frohman and Denny Jackman (former Modesto city councilmen) for our future leaders. We need independent thinkers who are not controlled by special interest groups.

Big money has corrupted the whole process. The voters can change this process one election at a time.

William Thomas Jensen, Modesto

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