Marina Florez: Stanislaus County prisoners not getting medical treatment

May 24, 2014 

My partner is incarcerated in the Stanislaus County jail. He was only recently incarcerated and already is having difficulty receiving medical treatment. The inmate handbook of Stanislaus County says an inmate has the right to medical attention. I realize most people don’t think that inmates should have any rights and should rot in jail, but they are humans, too. Inmates have medical rights.

My partner told me about unsanitary conditions in the jail. His cell has 12 inmates, of which a lot have scabies and staph infections. My partner has only been there for a month and is already starting to get scabies and he has teeth that need to be pulled out. He and the other inmates have sent in multiple heath service request forms and they have not been treated or they have been treated but not properly. I just want this problem to be known and solved so they can get the proper treatment they need.



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