Michael Withrow: Withrow’s son cites good example

May 21, 2014 

I am writing in full support of the re-election of Stanislaus County District 3 Supervisor, and my dad, Terry Withrow.

As a federal law enforcement officer, I have served in a variety of dangerous postings throughout the world, including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Pakistan and other places. My desire to serve my country was inspired by watching my dad’s dedication and leadership in working tirelessly to serve our community, both before and since his election as District 3 Supervisor. Throughout my tours of duty, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of having leaders like my dad who sacrifice for those they are entrusted with leading, and who have the courage and integrity to do the right thing even when that might not be easy or popular.

My dad’s professionalism, integrity, selfless service and true leadership are character traits I strive to emulate. This Election Day, please re-elect my dad, Terry Withrow, as District 3 Supervisor.


Fairfax, Va.

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