Karen Gorne: Don’t elect a one-issue supervisor

May 21, 2014 

I have a question. If Scott Calkins wins and then comes to the realization that the expansion of Highway 132 is a done deal, what then? That is his one-and-only issue. He said it himself. He stated he has a young family and has not been able to attend but a few supervisor meetings. How is he going to handle being our Supervisor?

Is he going to fight for Salida as Terry Withrow has done? It was suggested that if Withrow had stood up and said “Leave Wood Colony alone,” they would not be going through this. He stood up for Salida and still does. Modesto does not care.

Scott Calkins is not going to save Wood Colony, or Salida for that matter. The people who live there are. Don’t you want someone in your corner who has been there all along? Calkins said he spoke to people from Salida who want to be annexed to Modesto? Really? Look at all the organizations Terry is involved in. He works tirelessly to help the youth and preserve and protect farmland. Will Calkins?



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