Principal, coach get seriously silly to motivate Modesto students

May 20, 2014 

Oh, what grown-ups will do to motivate children.

Susan Fisher, principal of Fremont Elementary School on Orangeburg Avenue in Modesto, went to great lengths – of tape – to encourage kids to donate money toward a computer lab. Also Monday, Modesto Youth Soccer Association coach Steve Mosely made good on a promise to wear a tutu to practice if his players won their game Saturday.

Much to his under-12 team’s amusement, there Mosely was Monday evening on the field at Agnes Baptist Elementary, running the kids through their drills and looking very much the coach in his shades, Under Armour cap, Spurs T-shirt, Adidas shorts, cleats ... and multicolored ballerina tutu.

In Fremont’s Stuck for a Buck fundraiser, students bought roughly 3-foot lengths of duct tape for $1 apiece, then proceeded to adhere Fisher to a school wall.

“It was fun, a lot of fun,” the principal said, noting that the school raised $196 in 30 minutes. “But really it was more about fun. We’ve had a lot of successful fundraisers recently and the mood has been, ‘We’re gonna work together to do more things for our school.’ 

The Fremont families and the neighborhood have been supportive, helping the school raise $3,000 at a recent carnival.

So, how well was Fisher stuck to the wall? “I was standing on a metal crate,” she said, “and had it not been there, I’m sure I would have dropped right to the ground.”

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