Joanne M. Miller: We deserve answers on Benghazi

May 15, 2014 

In regard to the letter “Benghazi not a real issue” (, May 10), I would beg to differ. Putting aside partisan issues, the bottom line is that four Americans are dead and no one has been brought to justice. Furthermore, not one person in the Obama administration has been blamed for not protecting these people, even after help was requested. The parents of these victims deserve answers. They deserve to see the perpetrators punished. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed by a group of animals.

It is heartbreaking to hear these parents plead for justice. They have received only a cold recognition of their sorrow, and the infamous statement, “what difference does it make?” How would Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi feel if it were their son? Oh, I forgot. The Democrat agenda is more important, so let’s just keep talking about how this investigation is merely a GOP “stunt.”

Isn’t it amazing that our underfunded local law enforcement officers will “dog” a crime until the perpetrators are brought to justice, but our mighty and powerful administration in Washington can’t find the thugs who murdered these innocent Americans or figure out who was to blame for not protecting them? Which side is performing the “stunts?”



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