2014 McHenry Bowl Winter League champions

May 13, 2014 


2014 Winter League champions


Mixed Match Point: Team 1 New Kids On The Block - Mary Mount, Ray Vegas, Dave Castro Monday Madness: Team 10 - Brian Reed, Jake Coats, Joseph Scott, June Hayden Del Rio: Team 8 Up Your Alley - Cat Eastham, Scott Eastham, Bonnie Brady, Venessa Duenas Tue Triples: Team 5 2 “L” & a “C” - Larry Doss, Chris Dickinson, Leo Renkel Midwinter: Team 7 - Cliff Franksen, Meghan Breeze, Jimmy Breeze, Braden Franksen Paramount: Team 6 And They All Fall Down - Diane Adam, Brian Ellis, Anthony Aguinaldo, Ander Gregory, John Perez Jr. El Dorado: Team 5 - Jimmy Benner, Bob Saso, Tim Noll, Todd Bettencourt Wed Veterans: Team 14 C’ Mon Man - David Rhodes, Sam Ruiz, Andrew Mojarras, Art Rosenburg Midweek Madness: Team 8 Sweet Berry - Sherrie Newman, Valerie Rogers, Arthur Holt Reno Mixed: Team 10 Quad Squad - Gary Pattee, Linda Faughn, Lisa Clyde, Robert Saylors Pioneer: Team 7 Central Valley Autohaus - Pam Marksman, Sheryl Brady, Debbie Parrish, Tina Munson Wed Mixed 5’s: Team 9 The Cruisers - Mary and Glenn Mount, Frank Alcaraz, Larry Lund, Earl Purcell Winterfest: Team 2 I Hate This Game - Jennifer Andrews, Roland Andrews, Veron Fife Stardusters: Team 4 Newbee’s - Luann Oney, Anita Hay, Nancy Maag El Portal: Team 4 Dutch Girls - Val VanUnen, Susy DeKok, Ruth Sonke School Daze: Team 1 - Meliss Butcher, Paul Butcher Black Oak Ladies Scratch: Team 2 Hair Affair - Kim Eichorst, Nicole Cox, DonDra Drumond, Brittany Marckese Federal: Team 8 Young Guns & 1 Old Dude - Don Fowzer, Alex Castillo, Manuel Castillo, Brett Cleary, Donnie McKinney City Employees: Team 3 The Family - Curtis Driver, Deann Smoke, Ed Blomdahl, Brad King, Scott Duncan, Joe Price Suburban: Team 3 Ruth’s Avon - Ken Hedrick, Stephanie Hedrick, Ruth Johnson, Debbie Hedrick, Jess Francesco Black Oak Classic: Team 1 Cooks Bowling - Chris Await, Rick Bates, Freddy Irvin Fri Veterans: Team 8 OSIMA - Wes Rash, George Burrows, Bob Chapman, Terry McBride Dairymen: Team 8 - Tony Lawrence, Sam Avila, Ed Nunes, Elliot Nunes Reno Bound: Team 2 Becca’s Kinder Kare - James Manrique, Brandon Manrique, Becca Johnson, Ed Suchman, John Olivan Sundowners: Team 1 Clamper Boys - Dave Jones, Herman Silva, Jon Wagner Sun Jr/Adult: Team 1 Pizza Planeteers - Erik Kellogg, Dave Wedig, Bud Willett Weekenders: Team 2 Get A Rope - Cindy & Mike James, Michelle and Dan Brasher Memorial: Team 1 Bi Polar Rollers - Maria and Ralph Cisneroz, Elisha Holloway, Leanna Holloway


Friendly Villagers: Team 10 2 Guys & A Gal - Dennis Feldkircher, George Layton, Gloria Chin Young at Heart: Team 2 It Should Have Been - Margo & Leonard DosSantos, Lorrain Lazaro, Anabel Spiva SIR: Team 10 - Fred Sherman, Fred Herman, Don Binney, Jerry Strain Classy Ladies: Team 6 Just Havin’ Fun - Jeanie Emery, Betty Fien, Mary Riemersma CrossPoint: Team 2 The Situation - Mary and Glenn Mount, Wanda Perkins, George Roush Prime Timers: Team 2 Not So Easy - Margo and Leonard DosSantos, Pat Rackly


Wild Zodiacs: Team 5 Gummy Bears - Madison Mohr, Elizabeth Hansen, Jessica Campbell, Cheyenna Thompson Jr Gold Scratch: Team 5 Chasing the 300 - Micah Corralez, Roman Heath Cartoon Mania: Team 4 - Jimmy Brown, Laura Fernandes, Will Craigmyle, Gabriel Villasenor; Team 1 Mine Crafters - Arriken French, Daimien Linn, Ronnie Smith, Johnny Smith Sat Comics: Team 1 Gutter Balls - Jennifer Corrlea, Liz, Kosta, Haroula Prepoutse Prime Rollers: Team 3 Radio Active - Sebastain Ruthford, Ashton Russell, Marcell Olson, Johnathon Gain Generation X: Team 6 We Go Hard - Gavin Acosts, Drake Springer, Alex Carifi, Andrea Tripp Special Olympics: Team 23 - Randy Pearce, Kimberli Marconett, Carol Sue Shippers Modesto Blind: Team Rainbow - Virginia Martinez, Marlene Matsuro

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