Jennifer McGrath-Ollar: Teachers union faces hostile takeover

May 12, 2014 

Ask surrounding districts and they’ll tell you, Modesto City Schools is known for its strong union.

A union that has brought up its own through the ranks to pass on its valuable knowledge to future leaders. All of that may be gone. A California Teachers Association trustee spent Wednesday in the union’s regional office in Ceres, gathering legal papers to press the state affiliate’s claim in court.

Even after MCS voted to stay with CTA (ratified Wednesday) the CTA is moving forward with a court order to possibly replace the Modesto Teachers Association board. Is this really what our members meant by voting to stay with CTA? That we turn over a building we own outright, our investments, etc.? That we lose the heart and soul of MTA, Esther and Mel? That can’t be what MCS wants.

The 371 who voted to remain loyal to MTA need to speak up quickly and loudly. I would like to think that the rest who voted to stay with CTA and keep MTA that this hostile takeover doesn’t sit well with you either.



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