Mandy Kular: Donnelly’s comment really insulting

May 12, 2014 

Originally, I didn’t have much of an opinion on Tim Donnelly since I usually vote Democratic. But I find it absolutely despicable that he is basically saying that Neel Kashkari is a radical Islamist.

I am an Indian American, and ever since 9/11 we have been mistaken for Muslims and I find it appalling that a man running for governor of California, a state that is home to countless Indians, could have the audacity to make the same generalization! That is the same as me saying that Tim Donnelly belongs to the KKK. I’m pretty sure he would not like that assumption.

Maybe he can think before he makes another stupid comment. I am now going to start hoping that he never becomes governor and if he does I am going to move out of the state!



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