Charles Allen: Congress is the real problem

May 10, 2014 

With congressional elections coming in the very near future, I am very concerned. Obama is not only driving the bus for the destruction of our great country, but he is the biggest distraction from the real problem – Congress! It is easier to focus the spotlight on a president as the villain.

For the last five-plus decades, the Congress is responsible for America’s slide into oblivion and our continuing destruction from within. Congress is constantly given a pass for putting U.S. needs behind their wants. They will not even impeach Obama when there is more than one legal example, under the Constitution, to do so!

Why is Congress ignored? When will the spotlight of corruption and destruction be shown on a Congress that is continuously bringing down our great country? One example: Why is Congress allowing the theft of over $1 trillion each year by the private bank called the Federal Reserve?

The American people need to vote them out and implement natural “term limits” to ensure no elected person serves more than one term! Vote for anyone else but the incumbent!



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