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Manziel-mania in Cleveland

ragostini@modbee.comMay 9, 2014 

Reading time, two minutes:

• When Johnny Manziel became the first sub-6-foot quarterback since 1953 taken in the first round of the NFL Draft, I thought of Eddie LeBaron (Oakdale).

• The 5-7 LeBaron, selected in the 10th round in 1950 by the Redskins, is still called the best undersized quarterback ever to play in the NFL. He’s 84 and not forgotten around here.

• Everyone insists Raider pick Khalil Mack will be great. For that reason, I’m not sure.

• The important lesson to understand about the draft – no one really knows.

• Every pick in the first round is destined for greatness on draft day. History tells us half of those picks will not measure up.

• The 49ers selected Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde. Let the fight begin between him and Marcus Lattimore for the successor to Frank Gore.

• The Houston Texans, who signed David Carr, twice passed on Fresno State brother Derek Carr. Family discrimination?

• Carr starts in a good place in Oakland. He either learns behind veteran Matt Schaub, or he takes his job.

• Best pick of the first round: Wide receiver Brandin Cooks (Oregon State) by New Orleans. Drew Brees is smiling.

• Time will tell about Golden State’s firing of winning coach Mark Jackson. We know this: The Kings fired Rick Adelman in 2006, and they still haven’t recovered.

• There will be no middle ground about Jackson’s sacking – either a spectacular call or a franchise disaster.

• About Jackson not being an Xs and Os coach: Do you see any fancy schemes in the NBA these days?

• New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was decisive in his banishing on the Clippers’ Donald Sterling. Here’s another smart move waiting to be made: Seeding the playoffs by quality rather than conference.

• The Kings will select two fans to help them in the NBA Draft. Nice P.R. move. Also a way to deflect blame. You helped us pick this flop!

• The cup half-empty take on the Kings: Eighth straight losing season.

• The cup half-full: Pro-active and engaging new owner Vivek Ranadive, an 18.3 attendance hike and plans for the new arena proceeding forward.

• Required viewing: Kevin Durant’s acceptance speech after he was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. Most compelling and thoughtful thank-you we’ve ever heard.

• Reminded us of Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks (Lathrop and East Union High) and his description of Durant a few years ago: “Too good to be true.”

• Modesto soccer great Tisha Venturini Hoch has joined former teammates Mia Hamm and Kristine Lilly in Team First camps around the country. They’re coming to Fresno on May 16-18. Visit www.teamfirstsocceracademy/camps.

• The Clippers’ Chris Paul bears some comparison to former Utah Jazz all-star John Stockton: Both are great, and both know every trick in the book.

• Two reasons why Sterling and his racism lasted so long before he was chased out: 1. This time, we heard his voice, and 2. The money, in the form of vanishing sponsors, talked loud.

• Central Catholic lineman Spencer Stark went from “career over” to preferred walk-on at Oregon. The persuasion reportedly came from Ducks graduate assistant Nate Costa (Hilmar).

• The power of being good and outrageous at the exact right time: The Seahawks’ Richard Sherman and his $57.4 million contract ($40 million guaranteed).

• Remembering the 49ers’ first-round pick in 1997 who flopped but, gosh, could he pull a bus: Jim Drunkenmiller.

• Manziel waited for more than two hours before he heard his name. The last QB who was stood up for that long turned out OK: Aaron Rodgers.

• Cleveland has greeted Manziel like the new Elvis. Viva Johnny Football.

• The so-called QB mold has burst into a million pieces. Manziel, like LeBaron, can succeed.

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