Tim Hodgson: Calling veterans to battle

May 8, 2014 

Every veteran, upon entering active service, was guaranteed certain rights and benefits. Today, veterans have seen many of those benefits erode and, in some cases, disappear. Medical service decreases, TriCare increases deductibles and COLA decreases are simply a few. The latest VA appointments scandal cannot be tolerated.

Is it any wonder that our proud veterans are feeling discouraged? Why is there even a need for charities such as Wounded Warriors? Service members, injured in the line of duty, are entitled to full medical care for their entire lives. Yet, Congress has failed to meet those commitments.

Veterans, there is something you can do. Get out and vote for candidates who stand for those values which you believe our government should adhere to. Encourage your family and friends to vote likewise. Veterans comprise a powerful voting bloc if only they recognize this fact and act accordingly.

This November will most likely be a watershed year for America’s future. You previously answered the call when your country needed you, I ask you to once again to answer the call to defend and protect America.



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