Jim Wing: Why is so much water flowing down Stanislaus River?

May 7, 2014 

We hear on TV, radio and read in the newspapers about the drought on a daily basis and how we as individuals have to conserve water. We cut back on lawn and garden watering, also limit our use in the home by taking shorter showers and flushing only as necessary. Why?

At least three days a week I look at the Stanislaus River and today it was the highest I have seen it yet. You would think they were dumping water to prepare for a huge snowmelt.

Who is responsible for this travesty? I cannot think of one reason for this stupidity considering the gravity of the water situation. Water for food production and people make more sense than anything else at this point.

What ignorant government agency is responsible for this waste and how can we the regular people do something to stop it? This is why people do not have much faith in government at any level. Where is there any application of common sense?



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