McHenry Bowl and Yosemite Lanes bowling scores (5/5/14)

May 6, 2014 



Mixed Match Point: Ted Cicero-299/928, Shirley Anderson-243, Heidi Erler-782 Monday Madness: Barry Peterson-235, Aaron Norseen-652, Helen Wolf-224/511 Del Rio: Ryan Dunscomb-280, Garrett Mutoza-697, Sheila Puscizna-223/614 Tue Triples: Bill Click – 247/650, Cindy James-233/636 Midwinter: Terry Croasdale-231, Darrell Robertson-619, Dawn Villa-193 Paramount: Richard Perez-266, Jeff Yarnell-674, Denise Chambers-192, Jackie Yick-515 El Dorado: John Walsh III-279/751 Wed Veterans: Paul Frank-268/680, Barbara Pong-170 Midweek Madness: Adrian Davalos-644, Art Holt-244, Lisa Escamilla-220/583 Reno Mixed: Claude Ham-262, Bill Calvin-679, Barbara Fuller-211/546 Pioneer: Tina Munson -235/611 Wed Mixed 5’s: Craig Saenz-246, Michael Coats-670, Crystal Walker-226, Martha Baucom-226/594 AMR: Scott Eastham-201, Venessa Duenas-192 Stardusters: Sherri Coey-199, Barbara Wilderson-505 El Portal: Susy Dekok-188/537, Ruth Sonke-188 School Daze: Jim Miller-175, Ashley Grim-173 Black Oak Ladies Scratch: Jamie Marksman-268/719 Federal: Matt Glover-288, Mike Wolf-704 City Employees: John Hansen Jr.-258, Steven Heune-669, Dean Smoke-215/541 Suburban: Gil Clements-279, Mario DeHaro-738, Martha Baucom-194, Debbie Fortino-536 Black Oak Classic: Eddie Waring-290, Cecil Scarboro-984, Carol Serpa-257/828 Fri Veterans: Bill Click-248/718, Lina Carlson-182 Sundowners: Jon Wagner-300/742, Kathy Stevenson-202 Weekenders: James Brodie-259/686, Randi Blomdahl-227/605 Memorial: Brandon Smith – 212, Nick Smith-212/617, Laurie Bonnitt-142


Friendly Villagers: Abe Sbston-240/640, Cert Viss-92/507 Young at Heart: Michael Sneed-236/629, Jan Ballard-203, Pat Scrimsher-503 CrossPoint: Robert Moore-224/607, Pat Scrimher-205/560 Prime Timers: Stanley McKinley-222/554, Charolett Scott-186/521


Modesto Blind: Eric Cohen-152, Katie Farren-162



PBA: Will Garber-227/649, Wayne Garber-269, Sharon Aronson-234/574 Comet: Jim Taliaferro-265, Rich Custer-256/720, LaDonna Stone-279/701 Classic Trios: Don Erickson-279/771, Scott Bartlow-289, Carol Serpa-235/653 Guys and Gals: Jimmy Khounsamni-257/745, Alicia Murray-235/600 Telco: David Eckhardt-250/731, Cody Hardman-2785 Mexican American: Eric Benz-279, Fred Valasco-267/658, Bonnie Garber-255/695 Gallo: Stan Greenwood-289, Rob Tillery-265/744, Robin Webb-247/653, Sharon Aronson-268 Road Runners: Bryan Kopping-144, Kim Russell-108 Staikoff Classic: Nick Kelley-280/802 Yosemite Majors: Don Mathey-279/780, Steve Davis-299, Tara Riddle-261/725 Hi Low: Tony Cordova-257/703, Brandy Cordova-213, Debi Rickey-200/564


Young @ Heart: Steve McCoy-247/670, Martha Cody-160/439, Phyllis Peiffer-179 Scratch Trios: Gary H Riley-255/661, Jan Rupp Vigneau-211/587, Debbie Couch-236 National: Bob Neuerburg-278/684, Gisela Watkins-225/512, Marcie Ingalls-191/512

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