Janice Keating: Next Gen, we are not the enemy

May 5, 2014 

I’m sick and tired of people in ivory towers, without a financial care in the world, telling me that I’m the bad guy because I’m forced to drive a car to work, pick up my kids and run errands.

If the people at Next Generation ever chose to land their Lear jets here, they would see that this region, and the industries that drive it, are highly dependent on responsible gas prices. Today I filled my car with gas at $4.15 per gallon, and the state proposes to raise that by 12 to 40 cents a gallon more?

Our poverty levels are some of the worst in the nation. We don’t have access to reasonable modes of alternative transportation, and no one thinks that’s going to change anytime soon – mostly because building anything requires environmental approval, which just means delay after delay after delay. In the meantime, hardworking people like me are expected to fork over more money to Sacramento’s black hole just because I need to drive a car to live.

Wake up, Next Generation, and stop making hardworking, low-income Californians in the Central Valley the enemy! You are bleeding us dry.



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