Frank A. Ramczyk: We aren’t here to use up the planet

May 4, 2014 

The other day, I was driving through the forest and I thought, “what a waste.” All of those trees just taking up space. Why, if the lumber companies could harvest them, they could put thousands to work. And if the trees weren’t there, the grass would grow more, so more forage for the ranchers’ cattle. Just think of all of the people who would be put to work. But something would need to be done about all of those other pesky animals that live in the forest; after all, there’s not much demand for them. And all of those granite mountains could be harvested to make counter tops and ground up for aggregate, and much-needed income for the state.

Doesn’t seem to make much sense, does it? All of you who think the sole purpose of rivers is to enrich a few, think twice. Some things, like nature, are important to all. We are the caretakers of this planet, not the users. We must ensure there are natural areas for future generations.



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