Steve Lovejoy: Family ties to Briggsmore

April 30, 2014 

Regarding “Briggsmore’s name traced to two of city’s early families” (Page B-2, April 28): I read with interest the story about how the name of Briggsmore Avenue came about.

My uncle was Chester F. Whitmore. He was married to the former Alma Jewett, my mother’s sister. I now live in the same home that I grew up in at the corner of College and Granger. My mom built this home in 1934 before she married my dad, Warren Lovejoy. As a child I would walk or ride my bike the two blocks north to Briggsmore. The Briggs and Whitmore families were the only two families on the road which ran between Tully and McHenry. They wanted a name that represented their families, hence the name Briggsmore.

Many times I went to the Whitmore dairy and played with my cousins Charles, David and Ed. In 1954, we moved to the country and Uncle Chet sold the property for subdivision in 1955 and moved the dairy. He told me he donated the property for what is now Whitmore Park at College and Bowen. I continued to visit my cousins at their family home, which is still there, (just east of the old railroad tracks). My youngest cousin, Margaret, lives there now.



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