Michael Brown: Saying ‘thanks a lot’ to MID

April 26, 2014 

I would like to sarcastically thank MID for taking advantage of our drought situation. Who would have thought MID would stoop so low as to make a buck on “our” water? I realize that us customers who have garden heads are considered an annoyance to a company that used to be for the people in the community, but now wants to compete with the big boys. Not only did you cut our number of irrigations in half, from every two weeks to once a month, you raised the cost of that water – plus you’re now charging us a surtax for using it.

Now, if one of you supersmart people can explain something to us in very simple terms, we would appreciate it: How does raising the rate and charging a tax create more water? Will the drought suddenly be over? Will it create rain? What is the money for? To pay for the fifth person to stand around and watch one person work?

So, on behalf of all us pesky garden-head owners, we thank you for stooping to a new low. If any company should remember where they came from and the reason they are here, it should be the Modesto Irrigation District.



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