Bob Garcia: Why conserve when river flows?

April 26, 2014 

I have put two half-gallon milk containers in each of my two toilet tanks saving 1 gallon of water with each flush. I turn off the shower after soaking myself, soap up, scrub myself and then rinse off. I have no lawn, and 95 percent of my landscaping is on drip irrigation.

On my way to Modesto from Escalon, I drive over the McHenry Avenue bridge and see below me a Stanislaus River swollen far beyond normal for this time of year heading for the Pacific Ocean. They say it is for the salmon fingerlings. I cannot help but feel my efforts at saving water are in vain. We cannot afford to waste water on a lost cause.

I have loved to fish and hunt since I was a kid, but times have changed. All the dams and reservoirs that have gone in starting in the early 1930s – and thank God for the men who had the foresight to do it – have just about ended the salmon runs in our rivers. There are very few pheasants in our area because of current farming methods. You can go on and on about how life in the Central Valley has changed.



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