Michelle Johnson: MTA wrong to split from CTA

April 23, 2014 

Regarding “Teachers to meet as vote looms on split from CTA” (Page A1, April 16): As a retired teacher with 30-plus years in education, I must say I am gravely worried about the potential Modesto Teachers Association disaffiliation from the California Teachers Association. I am curious why MTA would parade a group of my contemporaries onto the stage to encourage the younger generation to follow their lead.

Did anyone at the April 16 meeting notice a lack of diversity in previous leadership? No women. No minority representation. None of them with anything to lose by disaffiliation. Do they represent who you are? Do they know what you are currently going through in your classroom? Their previous decisions led to higher wages and horrendous benefits. Ever wonder why? Teacher pensions are determined by highest salary. So this group already threw you youngsters under the bus once to line their own pockets. Now their egos are asking you to actually vote against your best interests. The only way this passes is if you are complicit in your own demise.

I care too much about this noble profession to silently watch my local teachers implode. MTA, vote no on May 6! If you don’t vote, you can’t complain when they hijack your future, once again.



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