Richard and Diana Doll: Want nicer 2020? Stow those cans

April 21, 2014 

Making a good future happen, the new “Seeing 2020” project, struck a chord. We made a difficult choice to move from San Francisco to small, subdued Modesto in 1965. We grew to appreciate the appeal of our surroundings, the convenience of the parking and, especially, the kind and friendly residents. The town developed in a sometimes disappointing way, but the work and wisdom of leaders like Peggy Mensinger and Mary Grogan ensured its stability and beauty. At this point in 2014, Modesto has gained some and lost a lot. But the potential of its generous people remains.

Our suggestion for civic improvement is very easy and costs nothing. Would everyone please store garbage cans out of sight? The current trend of keeping them somewhere in the front yard is sorely detracting from our pretty neighborhoods. We surmise that some people simply don’t realize that this is not the norm, that not so long ago it was virtually unthinkable to leave garbage cans in public view. Many cities have strict ordinances regarding this. Hopefully, it wouldn’t even be needed. If our suggestion seems like an insignificant action to take, consider the ripple effects of each improved view and each good example.



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