Madelyn Foley: Why no R&R for soldiers?

April 16, 2014 

How many more golf trips, vacations to Hawaii, treks to Camp David, campaign fundraising jaunts all over the country that cost millions of our tax dollars is President Obama going to take?

Consider just the cost of Air Force One: the fuel, the people, the cars, etc. The Army has canceled all R&R leaves from Saudi Arabia and overseas posts as of June 1. How can our government justify this when it wastes billions every day? These soldiers have been away from wives, husbands and families for a long time.

I adopt a platoon every month because I know they all miss home. How dare the Pentagon do this to these service men and women and their families? I will write to the president and to whomever else I see fit, letting them know I will miss my grandson, because they can’t manage a budget!

Thank you for allowing me to vent my feelings, but every American should be outraged at the government’s actions.



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