Byron Hisey: There’s more to Nevada standoff

April 16, 2014 

The Bundy cattle issue in Nevada is kind of on hold for now, although Harry Reid says “this isn’t over.” I realize that we are a country of laws and that everyone should follow them, but all of the facts should be understood in each situation.

Take the fact that Harry Reid’s son has brokered a deal with China (of all places) to build some type of solar-panel facility on land set aside for turtles. In addition, Rory Reid was a county commissioner and took part in the county selling the land at a reduced price so that this China deal could move forward. Does anyone see a fly in this ointment? (By the way, Fox News had the only reporters at the standoff scene in Clark County.) I’m pretty sure the cattle don’t hurt the turtles and if the Reids were not getting some financial gain out of the China deal, none of this would have happened.

But that’s Nevada; here in California we have are own issues with the indictment of three Democratic “lawmakers” who are out for themselves under the guise of wanting to help us simple citizens.



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