Donna Yarnal: Modesto Bee’s headlines too sensational

April 16, 2014 

I am not a football fan, but I believe Colin (“Kaepernick, 2 others investigated: Miami police looking into incident at hotel involving a woman and alcohol,” April 11, Page A1). I also understand it is The Bee’s mission to report local news and items of interest. I just find it frustrating that you seem quick to bash one of your own before all the facts are in.

The recent shooting in Modesto happened near MJC, yet The Bee’s headlines made it appear it was on the MJC campus (“Man killed in shooting near MJC East Campus,” April 4, Page A1). The sensationalism regarding the recent freedom of speech issue (also at MJC) was also reported, in my opinion, without all the facts.

As a community paper, I would expect and hope that The Bee would be more community oriented and ultrasensitive to how what is reported might negatively taint those who are named in those reports. Perhaps the reputation of The Bee might vastly improve if more facts were gathered before you publish headlines that aren’t completely accurate.

As dear old dad often states: “Measure twice, and cut once.”



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