Gregory Bowerman: Putin should recall Nazis’ fate

April 15, 2014 

An open letter to Vladimir Putin, John Kerry and Barack Obama:

Mr. Putin, the world has seen your tactics before, employed by the Nazis. They stirred up agitation by their nationals in other countries, then stated that they were forced to rescue them and invade. Austria celebrated, as did Crimea. Your tactics are Nazi tactics, Mr. Putin, and it did not end well for them. Those tactics cost your country 20 million dead to force their end.

Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama, if this situation is different than the late 1930s, you must let us know now. Are you confident that Ukraine is so poor that it will drag Russia down? Russia has a record of letting millions of its citizens starve when it did not suit them to feed them adequately. You are ratcheting up sanctions while Mr. Putin does as he pleases. Your efforts are effete to the point of embarrassment.

None of you have sons as I do. That will not spare your children if you do not contain this immediately. Mr. Putin, use your head instead of your guts. You other gentlemen need to consider the opposite approach.



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